ACW SyncStation™ is the secure document synchronization solution that helps enterprises to securely collaborate, share and store the internal and external files and documents from multi-site offices or different organizations. It allows user to share files and documents with colleagues, clients and partners reliably even in low bandwidth areas.

You can benefit from ACW SyncStation

Improve security

You can share documents from remote and unstable internet access offices to headquarter efficiency. Documents can be stored in the regional office temporary when your internet connection is disconnected and it can be uploaded to headquarter automatically when the network is resumed.

Increase productivity

It helps you to eliminate time-consuming manual processing of the document synchronization by using the preset synchronization setting.

Enhance flexibility

ACW SyncStation™ can integrate with the different Document Management Systems to increase the ROI on your existing IT investment.

Boost efficiency

ACW SyncStation™ is pre-installed in the Synology Storage. Leveraged by the powerful features of Synology Storage, it can provide the reliable and ultra-high performance network- attached storage (NAS) to enterprises. It helps users to centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go to boost storage efficiency and agility.

ACW Group

ACW Distribution

ACW Distribution (HK) Limited is a Value-Added Distribution corporation for leading Enterprise Solutions in the Asia-Pacific region since 1986. We create IT solutions by integrating the "Best-of-Breed" products in the market and delivering them to the end user via an extensive network of trained and certified channel partners in the region.

ACW Solutions

ACW Solutions Limited provides comprehensive and the best of breed information technology solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Retail Management, Human Resource Management, Business Process Management (BPM/ Workflow), Business Intelligence (BI) to cater different client's requirements. Our clients include enterprises from Multi-national Corporation to small and medium business in the Greater China Region. Providing strategic solutions to improve effectiveness, productivity as well as competitive power to clients is the mission of our company.

ACW Services

With over 30 years presence in the market, ACW Services (HK) Limited is more dedicated and experienced in delivering an extensive family from generic to enterprise solutions in order to ensure swift adaptability for your business.

ACW Consultancy

ACW Consultancy Limited is the premier business solution provider in the Greater China region under ACW group. Headquarter in Hong Kong, ACW group is found in 1986, with offices in China, Hong Kong and Philippines. The group consists of four subsidiaries, ACW Consultancy, ACW Solutions, ACW Distribution and ACW Services. As a professional solution arm of ACW group, ACW Consultancy focuses on the business management solution and consulting services.

Group Contact

Contact details of ACW Group are available here.

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