Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyze your company's data and deliver insights across your entire company. It can connect to hundreds of data sources such as big data, streaming data, on-premises data sources...etc. and give you a deep business insight with interactive report and visual analytics. It enables you to create your personalized dashboards and gains you a 360-degree view of your business.

It is a flexible cloud-based business intelligence tool, you can view reports anytime anywhere via the portal on your mobile device or embed the report in your applications. With the Power BI Report server, you can keep report on-premises.

Take advantages of Microsoft Power BI

Turn business insight into profit

Make smarter and accurate decision with up-to-date data

Create and share a beautiful reports easily

This is Power BI

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ACW Group

ACW Distribution

ACW Distribution (HK) Limited is a Value-Added Distribution corporation for leading Enterprise Solutions in the Asia-Pacific region since 1986. We create IT solutions by integrating the "Best-of-Breed" products in the market and delivering them to the end user via an extensive network of trained and certified channel partners in the region.

ACW Solutions

ACW Solutions Limited provides comprehensive and the best of breed information technology solutions including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Retail Management, Human Resource Management, Business Process Management (BPM/ Workflow), Business Intelligence (BI) to cater different client's requirements. Our clients include enterprises from Multi-national Corporation to small and medium business in the Greater China Region. Providing strategic solutions to improve effectiveness, productivity as well as competitive power to clients is the mission of our company.

ACW Services

With over 30 years presence in the market, ACW Services (HK) Limited is more dedicated and experienced in delivering an extensive family from generic to enterprise solutions in order to ensure swift adaptability for your business.

ACW Consultancy

ACW Consultancy Limited is the premier business solution provider in the Greater China region under ACW group. Headquarter in Hong Kong, ACW group is found in 1986, with offices in China, Hong Kong and Philippines. The group consists of four subsidiaries, ACW Consultancy, ACW Solutions, ACW Distribution and ACW Services. As a professional solution arm of ACW group, ACW Consultancy focuses on the business management solution and consulting services.

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Contact details of ACW Group are available here.

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